Thursday, October 18, 2012

Before & After - Home Makeover

entri ini berbahasa inggeris - harap maaf sekiranya penggunaan dan susunan ayat yang salah dan tidak betul...saya kurang fasih dan ingin cuba berbahasa inggeris..=p...comment and critic are most welcome! TQ

This is my first project on home makeover. the site is located at Menara Orkid Apartment, Bandar baru Sentul, Kuala Lumpur....this house were abandon about a few month before the owner decide to make this house as a me and my team start to make over this house..its quite lot of work because we need to tear off all the existing wallpaper and clean up overall the picture on existing site..

 dining area

living area



all the major work done by my brother in law and his paint all existing wall, door, grille & ceiling, 
to change existing lamp and fan...and clear all the and my partner (husband) in charge in overall space planning, selection on furniture, material color and lighting fittings...and other extra work done by selected contractor..picture below taken during the make over progress...=)

painting time

new lighting and fan

laminated timber floor

repair the existing cabinet and change to new top

my partner - hardware shop

furniture selection  

me with the calculator..count for the curtain

sewing time

bed sheet yellow and peach

planting session

after 1 and half  month of progress we go!!!
the new look for 'di Sentul' homestay...

main area view 1

living area

the calligraphy also done by me...hehe...
interested to have yours? do text me ok... 

money plant

main area view 2

dining area

full height curtain sewn by me

calligraphy - my new artwork

master bedroom + toilet + queen bed

2nd room + queen bed

3rd bedroom + single bed


main toilet with new accessories

that's if you are interested to rent this text me too...i will give you the owner's phone number....and if u would like to makeover your home...just give me a call...and we will help you!

thank you for your time!


  1. U do a great job!! Thats was awesome! Keep it up! And very sure ur cats feel hepi coz their owner have a lots of money to buy them extra whiskas. Dont gives them a sardin without kuah k. No no no.

    1. my cats bring rezeki to me and my bisnes..of coz i will give them extra food...dont worry...everyday my cats eat boiled fish with the boil means...ikan rebus bersama air rebusan ikan tadi sebagai kuah...hahaha

  2. hohoho.. syabas beta... :D nak buat semua ni, yang peting duit ado...

    1. thanks alin...client aku ni dia bajet xbesar mana pun..sebab tu apa yg aku boleh buat sdiri aku tolong dia bleh jimat kos..ape yg penting client suka dgn kerja kita..=)


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